Blue Pulse Swimming Pool

Program: Hotel/Leisure/Entertainment
Client: Blue Pulse Swimming
Size:  900 m2
Location: Turkey
Status: Under Construction
Time: 2022

The main priority of this project is to meet the needs of hotel guests, create pleasant and fun experiences during their stay and attract them to different spaces within the site.

In order to achieve this goal, a fluid form has been used for both indoor and outdoor pools. These pools can be used for swimming or walking on the site, as well as using facilities such as hydrotherapy, hot water pools and dance floors. Sun beds and pavilions on the water provide opportunities for relaxation during sunbathing days or attending various events happening on site.

Principle Architect: Zahra Nasr (Zi1 Studio)
Project Architect:
 Zahra Nasr (Zi1 Studio)
Construction: Not selected yet
Project Team:  Zahra Nasr, Meghadad Movahedian