GM Hardware

Program: Commercial, Interior Design
Client: Mr. Aref
Size:  21 m2
Location: Esfahan, Iran
Status: Under Construction
Time: 2022

The interior design of a Hardware store with a warehouse application and sale point with dimensions of 3×4 meters which has two entrances on the north and south sides of the alley has been considered.

The client’s primary priority in the interior design of this store was to maximize the use of space to place as many products as possible. For this purpose, the eastern and western fronts are completely dedicated to cabinets for displaying products.

Due to the small width of the shop, these cupboards, up to a height of 2 meters have a depth of 30 cm and for higher heights, a depth of 60 cm is considered.

Showcases have been designed on the north and south sides of the shop. In the showcases and the middle part of the shop, there are spaces for displaying products. This space is made with light gray Polyglass material and white Polyglass is used on the side parts to create visual contrast and make the inner space brighter.

The seller’s counter is located in the northern part and dominates both entrances of the store and flower boxes have been added to increase the beauty, and sense of sharpness to invite the costumers.

Principle Architect: Zahra Nasr (Zi1 Studio)
Project Architect: Zahra Nasr (Zi1 Studio)
Construction: Saman Harati
Project Team: Zahra Nasr