ZONE Intelligent -1 Studio

As An Architect, You Design For The Present,  With An Awareness Of The Past For A Future Which Is Essentially Unknown.

We work from the concept of Total Project. Everything is designed and any element and any detail is part of the whole. One multiplier architecture starts from the medium attribute of space, based on “one”, and then carries out the original thinking of architecture, triggering various possibilities of interesting linkage with the world.

We are creative problem solvers dedicated to a hands-on approach that brings a passion for craftsmanship into all phases of our projects. We assist our clients in diagnosing and remedying the myriad of issues that can plague new and historic buildings alike.

The studio maintains a diversified practice. While devoted to small-scale projects it has extensive experience in both residential and commercial new construction, rehabilitation, and landmark restoration. Zi1 Studio has developed expertise in restaurant approvals, loft conversions, new residential multi-family housing, apartment renovation, and combinations, as well as commercial interior renovations. With an international perspective and local experience, it is committed to consulting and designing services in the design field centered on recreational space design. This is a diverse elite team composed of architectural designers, interior designers, product designers, and professional brand consultants.