Program: Residential
Client: Mr. Jabalameli (Eng)
Size:  875 m2
Location: Esfahan, Iran
Status: Completed
Time: 2015-2018

Considering design issue of this project to overcome was the irregularity of base construction land. The location of the near passage was important for the façade design. The client’s main request was providing balance in volumetric proportions in facade design in a simple approach. The selected materials had to be inconsistent with the project concept and neighborhood properties.

The major used material was bricks and thermowood with a concentration on open sections for sufficient sunlight for inner spaces.

The volumetric balance has been provided by combining protruding volume façade with parallel wooden shapes and bricks. In this regard by keeping the proper volumetric balance, the visual outsider view has been kept satisfactorily eye-catching.

The inner spaces of each apartment, regardless of their height; will receive a suitable amount of sunlight during the full year. To enhance the comfortability of residents, the maximum number of green spaces was added to the northern balconies.

Principle Architect: Hamed Tadayon (HT Design Studio)
Project Architect: Zahra Nasr (Zi1 Studio)
Construction: Mr. Jabalameli (Eng)
Project Team: Hamed Tadayon, Zahra Nasr, Tayebeh Amini